Books – Anthology & Narrative

Narrative, Published in 2014

Narrative was released in 2014, and tells the stories of some of the residents who call their Servants housing ‘home’.Over the course of a year, seven Year Eleven students from Melbourne Girls College, Methodist Ladies College, Trinity Grammar School and Xavier College met with the residents of Servants Community Housing to listen to their stories.Here lie the narratives of those lives — the people who lived them and the accounts of those who have been changed by hearing them. Both have been recorded here, for you, and hold the potential for a great revolution inspired by respect, dignity and hope.

Anthology, Published in 2011

Anthology was released in 2011, and was our first book project. Join two Scotch College students as they meet and get to know the characters of Carrical House, a rooming house for residents on a low-income in Hawthorn.

Over three school terms in 2010 they developed friendships with the residents, listening to their stories of pain, loss, triumph and hope, and then crafting them into the prose and poetry within.

Complemented by the piercing photography of Esther Ling, Anthology invites you to enter into the lives of a unique community of people.