Housing Eligibility Policy

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Servants Community Housing Limited employs clear processes to determine if a person is eligible to be housed by this organisation. We have a selection process that is accountable, meets all legislative requirements, industry standards and guidelines. We are committed to our Housing Eligibility Policy being aligned with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Our eligibility requirements ensure that our rooming houses are a safe and comfortable place to live for every resident.


Staff member –the CEO, Tenancy Manager, Housekeeper, Operations Manager or Assets Manager


Prospective applicants are provided with clear and detailed information about the eligibility principles and requirements (listed below), potential location and features of the accommodation available. Language support is also provided for prospective applicants if required.

Eligibility principles 

Servants Community Housing adheres to the following principles when considering the eligibility of a person for tenancy:

  • All eligibility assessments of prospective and current Servants residents comply with national and state laws regarding equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.
  • An income assessment will be done in order to determine if being housed by Servants is sustainable for the resident and Servants.
  • We comply with any contractual arrangements that apply to program specific, funding or government stated eligibility criteria as stated in any such agreement. Servants will allocate from waitlists and central registers in appropriate locations and adhere to the agreements surrounding our use for allocation purposes.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for housing with Servants Community Housing, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Single (we do not have the capacity to accept couples or dependent children)
  • 25 years of age or above
  • Maximum income of $644 per week
  • Assets no greater than $13,064 or $33,051, depending on the house.
  • To be in a payment arrangement if previous debts exist
  • Show the ability to sustain a successful tenancy
    • financially independent
    • medically independent

The client group that is targeted by Servants Community Housing can be described with these factors:

  • An individual at risk of homelessness
  • Seeking medium to long term accommodation in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Mental illness/ alcohol and other drug affected clients seeking a stable environment for recovery and recuperation
  • Community minded – respectful of the house culture and of other residents
  • Ability to clean and maintain a hygienic environment
  • Does not take illicit drugs

Note:Three of the four houses operated by us do not allow any alcohol on site. At one house alcohol is allowed to be consumed by residents in their own rooms, but not in any communal spaces. In light of this, prospective residents need to be aware of this and mention their housing preferences, if any, in their interview.


Prospective applicants deemed ineligible for housing by us will be notified in a timely manner. In such a scenario, the applicant will be provided with transparent, constructive feedback by Servants staff.

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Legislation and standards

This policy implements the obligations of Servants under:

Transparency and accessibility

This policy will be available on the Servants Community Housing website www.servants.org.au/policy.


This policy was written in April, 2019. It is rescheduled for review in April, 2021.

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