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In the Management of Your Home

As Managers of this property, Servants Community Housing is committed to making this a comfortable, safe and enjoyable place to live.  One of the ways we do this is to ensure that residents have a say, give feedback, and influence our decisions and how we use our resources.  Here are some of the ways you can get involved.


Need a Repair Done?

The Housekeepers try to keep an eye out for repairs that are needed, but if you see something please inform them.  They will make a note, and make sure it is followed up and fixed.  There are also forms available on the notice board to submit a request. Please complete the form and give it to the Housekeeper. We aim to fix repairs within certain timeframes. Emergencies such as burst water pipes should be done within 24 hours, Urgent repairs such as slow water leaks and light bulbs should be done within 48 hours and other repairs such as broken blinds should be done within 14 days.

See our Maintenance and Repairs Policy for more details.


Have a Concern?

If you aren’t happy about something to do with the House please talk to the Manager.  We will make a note, and make sure it is followed up.

If the Manager is not available, please contact the Tenancy Manager.

See our Complaints and Appeals Policy for more details

If you don’t feel comfortable raising something directly but you think we should know you can send us a message  anonymously by simply choosing your house then filling in the message below and pressing send: 

Your House
CarricalHamerRomanaWomen's House

Your Message


House Meetings

Every three months we have a house meeting; this is a good time to discuss issues over the last three months and hear what is happening from the Managers.  The upcoming meeting time will be shown on the notice board.


Annual Survey

Every year you will be invited to fill out the annual survey, it’s a good way to feedback ideas in writing.


Major Changes

If we are planning to change something, such as staff or property changes, it will be explained, and your feedback taken into consideration.


Problem with another Tenant

While it’s best to try and sort these things out yourself, the House Manager can help you. If not, contact the Tenancy Manager to find a mediator to help sort out disputes.

See our Complaints and Appeals Policy for more details.



There are services available who can provide an advocate to come to an important meeting with you, or represent you if you have a problem.  The Housekeepers can help you find these services.

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    1986Servants Community Housing established by members of Hawthorn West Baptist Church and Hawthorn Home founded
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    2011Kew Home founded
    20142nd Kew Home founded
    2018Women's House founded
    20Mostly part-time staff
    8 yearsAverage stay of residents
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