Over 400 people are homeless in Boroondara. We're changing that. 

We are passionately chasing one goal: to create communities where respect, dignity, hope and opportunity are nurtured. We do this by providing safe, affordable community housing to people on low incomes in Melbourne's inner east. So far we manage four properties with 95 residents, and over 9 community groups providing care, nurture and connection with residents. 

Our approach is unique. We have live-in House Managers at every property dedicated to supporting residents and connecting them to the local community. Residents get daily meals*, access to active and community spaces, computers, internet and cable TV. Furthermore, every resident is treated with respect and dignity. 

Our houses are safe spaces for residents to flourish in community. 

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Don Resident

I’d heard about this place called Carrical. It was good apparently, and I’d take just that. But Carrical was something else entirely. You could give a man a roof to sleep under and call it a shelter, but he would still be homeless. There was something in that man who interviewed me – a glimpse of compassion, an aura of hope that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. He saw something beneath everything that hid me from myself.

Fiona Resident

This place is home. I was given a room and since I have been here I call my home my ‘piece of heaven’. I have never felt so safe in my life before as I do here. I have, and get, so much respect from the people who run this house and from the tenants around me, including the ones who have left or departed. This family of people have taught me how to feel safe.

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