About Us

More people are experiencing homelessness than before.

24,817 Victorians were homeless on Census night in 2016. That’s 21% of the Australian homeless population. Every day, 99 people are turned away from homelessness services due to a lack of housing and resources (ABS, 2016).

Australia wide, the top three reasons for homelessness are people experiencing a housing crisis, financial difficulty or domestic and family violence. Just over 81,000 of the Australian homeless population are also wrestling with mental health issues, and this number is increasing (AIHW, 2018)

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it.

At Servants, we want to change this. We are passionate about breaking the cycle of disadvantage and social exclusion by providing affordable, safe housing for those on low incomes. Our vision is to provide more than just a roof over someone’s head. We create carefully crafted communities throughout Melbourne, which some of the most vulnerable members of our society will call home.

Have a read of what these communities mean to our residents.

‘I’d heard about this place called Carrical. It was good apparently, and I’d take just that. But Carrical was something else entirely. You could give a man a roof to sleep under and call it a shelter, but he would still be homeless. There was something in that man who interviewed me – a glimpse of compassion, an aura of hope that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. He saw something beneath everything that hid me from myself.’
— Don

‘This place is home. I was given a room and since I have been here I call my home my ‘piece of heaven’. I have never felt so safe in my life before as I do here. I have, and get, so much respect from the people who run this house and from the tenants around me, including the ones who have left or departed. This family of people have taught me how to feel safe.’
— Fiona

We have a collective understanding that everyone is worthy and has value. We try not to judge but accept people for who they are. At Servants, we work hard to break down the stigmatised, prejudiced barriers around mental health and homelessness and are committed to providing our residents with a community that gives them respect, hope and dignity.

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