Our Approach

Putting a roof over an individual’s head is not a particularly challenging venture in its own right – creating functional communities where vulnerable residents are well housed and cared for is far more challenging. Our desire to house people with respect and dignity has various implications for how we structure our homes and live alongside residents.

The Servants Model

We provide a high standard of housing.

Each resident gets their own private room.

High-quality amenities are provided, including broadband internet and cable TV.

Meals are provided daily. *

We nurture and protect the house community.

Each resident is selected carefully.

House Managers live on-site to build relationships and be a source of support.

Resident house rules are adhered to.

Communal areas, such as living rooms and courtyards, provide spaces for people to spend time together.

Residents eat together in their dining rooms.

We involve the wider community.

Community groups get involved in working bees, run monthly BBQs on Saturday evenings, and create invaluable channels between the houses and the world around them.

We value the input and support of residents’ support workers and advocates.

*Carrical also has 8 self-contained flats. See House Profiles for more details.