What kind of housing do you provide?

We provide medium to long term housing for single people on low income. Each property varies as to how many people they house (see the House profiles link for more information) but on-site House Managers provide residents with support and nurture a respectful, harmonious community environment.

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Who do you house?

We house single people on low income who are at risk of homelessness.

Eligibility Policy and Procedure

How much does it cost to live at Servants?

Get in touch with our Tenancy Manager to find out more about rental costs.

Tel: 03 9819 6073

Email: tenancy@servants.org.au

How do I apply to live at Servants?

You, your support worker or advocate can get in touch with our Tenancy Manager to find out about vacancies, organise a meeting and a tour of one of the houses. After this, the Tenancy Manager will talk you through the next steps in the application process.

Tel: 03 9819 6073

Email: tenancy@servants.org.au

Eligibility Policy and Procedure


Who funds you?

The basic, day-to-day operating costs are covered by the rent that our residents pay. Extra costs and expansionary activities are funded by donations. We periodically apply for, and are awarded, grants to cover the costs of particular projects, such as the installation of solar panels at Romana and the Women’s house renovation.

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What do donations fund?

We greatly appreciate donations. Your generosity allows us to do things like renovate communal spaces, establish new garden beds, continue to provide our high level of maintenance and ensure that living costs are kept low for the residents. The individual projects may vary, but the overarching goal of providing each resident with a safe, affordable home remains the same.

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How have people volunteered in the past?

People have volunteered in a variety of ways in the past. Examples include running monthly BBQs on Saturday evenings with community groups, gardening, cleaning and offering professional services. Groups of people have spent a morning or afternoon tackling the hard-to-reach windows, or preparing garden beds for new seeds. We have had people offer their skills in running financial workshops and hair cutting. Currently, a group of Xavier students come to Romana house with snacks and play pool and other games with residents on Friday afternoons.

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What kind of volunteering opportunities are there at the moment?

We are always looking for volunteers in the following areas: cleaning, forming a community group to run monthly BBQs, gardening and providing professional services that would benefit our residents. Currently, we are looking for someone to do a weekly bread pick up and drop off to our houses.

If you have an idea about volunteering at any of our houses, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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