It’s time to grow.

Servants is expanding to support more people in need of a home. Will you partner with us to scale our joint impact?

Servants is growing, and we are actively seeking new partnerships with philanthropists, organisations, property owners and developers to help end Melbourne’s homelessness crisis.

Our model is sustainable and scalable, and we are taking on exciting new projects to see more residents supported into long-term affordable housing. As an individual, business or non-profit organisation you may be unsure about what impact you could have in the affordable and social housing sector – but we know from experience how significant each person’s contribution can be in creating beautiful homes and strong communities.

If you or your organisation are interested in partnering with Servants, or want to better understand our model, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Donohoe:

Our Purpose

Servants exists to create communities where respect, dignity, hope and opportunity are nurtured.

We do more than provide housing. Our model is based on a relationship-first foundation: every resident is seen and known, with our team of experienced house managers cultivating a safe, supportive environment where residents can flourish.

What’s more, our deep links with the community at large are changing perceptions of community housing. Our neighbours are actively engaged in our housing communities, and see positive impacts on the lives of their families as they engage with our residents.

Strategic Pillars

Developing Our Team

We are committed to strengthening staff and volunteers while encouraging innovation and celebrating our work together. We ensure team members have the resources and support necessary to help them be most effective in their roles.

Resident Engagement

We are committed to fostering communities where residents flourish through positive relationships, personal growth and a sense of hope for their future.

Productive Partnership

We are committed to building new partnerships that substantially increase our capacity to serve more residents.

Sustainable Growth

We are committed to growing the work of Servants through initiatives that yield sustainable funding and wise investments that help more people in need of safe, affordable housing.