Wayne’s Story

I found Servants and after a while moved into Carrical House.

Since being with Servants, I have been giving the opportunity to live in a safe and secure home where I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next.

Servants has been a lot different to other places I have lived at. For one, we get food and bills included in our rent. Another difference is the people at Carrical. They are more like a family than house mates. Residents actually care for one another and want to see the best for each other and show consideration. For instance, if someone is not well others will do what they can to help, whether that’s visiting people in hospital or just being there for a chat and share some advice. There is a real community feel about the house.

A lot of people contribute at home. For instance, Barry will set the tables with tablecloths and salt and pepper every day, Scott will make sure the bins are out to be emptied each week, Malcolm keeps the push bikes running, Al will plunge the toilets when needed, Peter spends time tending to the garden and Dean is quick to offer the use of his art supplies for his art sessions.

As well as having a safe and secure place to live, a lot of people participate in extra activities like outings to the zoo, visits to the art gallery and just recently, the Run Melbourne Event, which we all enjoyed. We also have our veggie garden, evening walks/run depending on how energetic we feel and our community dinners. All these things help people socialise and stay connected instead of dropping of the radar, which I believe is very important not only for the homeless but for every person.

These are some of the things that make Carrical different from other rooming houses I have stayed at.

I now live in one of the flats at Carrical and am enjoying a bit more space and independence. Although living with a lot of other people all under foot of each other, I’m sure that Servants have found a recipe that not only works, but works well in housing a lot of people that otherwise would be living who knows where. And for that I am grateful.