Our Houses

We currently have four properties housing a total 96 residents across Boroondara. Each house is unique, with its own culture and community.

What’s included

Across, all properties, residents pay a fortnightly rent and service fee. This covers accommodation, utilities (gas, water, electricity, internet), facilities and, at all houses excluding the women’s house, a meal service including tea and coffee, daily breakfast (cereals and toast), two cooked breakfasts, and six dinners per week. Lunches and Saturday dinners are not provided by Servants, and residents use these as opportunities to cook together or individually. At some houses, light cleaning support is also offered to residents.

Additionally, local community groups regularly host weekend BBQs which residents are involved in.

Building Community

Whether you consider yourself very social, reserved, or somewhere in between, Servants houses are a safe place to call home. There are many opportunities to socialise through gardening, watching movies, playing games, or relaxing together. A private bedroom with your own key is also the perfect place to relax when you’re looking for time alone.

We focus on building a community where people feel respected and valued, and ask all residents to contribute to this welcoming and inclusive culture.

Live-in House Managers

All Servants houses include live-in house managers. House managers are not on-site 24/7, but exist to support residents to engage appropriately in the community living envirionment, maintain day-to-day operatins (like checking the mail), and assist in emergencies. Importantly, House Managers help to ensure our houses are safe and welcoming places to live.

Although staff live on-site, we are an independent living provider (not assisted living), and residents need to maintain daily tasks such as cooking, general hygiene and cleaning, and managing medication. Many of our residents receive ongoing support from external providers such as NDIS and other outpatience providers.


A Hawthorn mansion housing 8 individuals in self-contained units, and 30 single men in the rooming house.

Hamer Court

Hamer houses 28 single men in private bedrooms with ensuites, shared facilities, a lovely back garden and live-in house managers.

Women's House

A sun-filled house in leafy Hawthorn, accommodating 7 single women plus a female live-in house manager.


Residents at Romana love their pool competitions

24 men and women call Romana home, with veggie patches, shared amenities and individual bedrooms.

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