Policies and Procedures

Arrears Management and Hardship

Life circumstances can change, and sometimes very suddenly. These changes can impact your ability to make rent payments, adding to your stress. Read our Arrears Management and Hardship Policy and Procedure to find out how we can support you to have a sustainable tenancy if you are facing financial difficulties.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest

We are passionate about housing vulnerable individuals with dignity and respect. Our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure outlines Servants’ expectations of the board, staff members and volunteers.

Complaints and Appeals

We aim to provide an excellent standard of service in all areas of our operations. If you feel as though we have not done so, you have the right lodge a complaint or an appeal. Read our Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure to find out how.


We are committed to providing you with a secure and sustainable tenancy. We view evictions as our last port of call. Read our Eviction Policy and Procedure to find out about the reasons for evictions and the support channels available to you during this process.

Housing Allocation

Our houses vary in location, culture and layout. One might be more suitable to you than another. Read the Housing Allocation Policy to find out about the housing differences and what we take into consideration when you apply for housing with us.

Housing Eligibility

We have a clear eligibility process to determine if you are suitable to be housed by us. Read our Housing Eligibility Policy to find out how we ensure that our rooming houses are a safe and comfortable place for every resident to live.


We undertake various inspections of our properties to ensure residents’ rooms, communal and staff spaces comply with the required safety and quality standards. We also inspect our properties to identify potential maintenance issues as part of our ongoing maintenance program. Read out Inspections Policy and Procedure to find out more.

Maintenance and Repairs

We believe that providing a good standard of maintenance improves the wellbeing of our residents. Read our Maintenance and Repairs Policy and Procedure to find out about how we do responsive, cyclical and preventative maintenance works on our houses.


We recognise that we do not operate in isolation but are part of a broader community. Read our Neighbour Policy and Procedure to learn how Servants works to support neighbourhood harmony and positive relationships between neighbours.


We are committed to respecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal information.

Rent Setting

We endeavour to have clear and transparent processes when setting residents’ rents and aim to communicate this with residents through this Rent Setting Policy.

Resident Repair Charge

In our Resident Repair Charge Policy and Procedure, we want to distinguish between your responsibilities and our responsibilities in maintenance. We may charge you for the cost of repairing damage to a room or undertaking services for which you are responsible.

Resident Transfer

We realise that there are a variety of reasons that might cause you to want to move from one Servants house to another. The Resident Transfer Policy and Procedure outlines your rights in regards to transferring between rooms or houses and reasons as to why this might occur.

Whistleblower Policy

Our Whistleblower Policy has been developed so people can raise concerns about situations where they believe that Servants Community Housing has acted in a way that constitutes serious wrongdoing, including unethical, illegal, corrupt or other inappropriate conduct.