Office Staff Profiles

Amanda Donohoe

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda has had two periods of employment with Servants. From 1989 -1992 she served as a live-in house manager at Carrical House. She returned to serve at Carrical in 2010 before being appointed Servants’ Operations Manager later that year as the organisation grew to manage three rooming houses. During her absence, Amanda spent thirteen years working among Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory in crisis housing, development and education roles. She brings deep experience and commitment to working with vulnerable people to her role. Amanda holds qualifications in social sciences, education and hospitality and is a Certified Housing Professional. She was appointed as CEO of Servants in January 2017. Amanda starts most mornings with a swim and walks the dog in the early evening as she has taken on the role of the chief dog walker in her household.

Madeline Tucker

Business Manager

Madeline is Servants’ Business Manager. She began with Servants in 2015 as Office Manager and over her four years with the organization, the role has grown into Business Manager. She holds both a Bachelor and Masters in Commerce, majoring in Marketing Management, serving her well with both capability in detailed business analysis and the broader market perspective. Despite studying business, Madeline has a strong passion for serving the needy. Through her work with Servants, she has finally found a way to use her strong business skills to realise this. Madeline can always be counted on for bringing cute trinkets into the office and owns seven teapots!

Alan Morrison

Tenancy Manager

Alan has been working at Servants in various roles since 2012. He began as a cook in a casual position, which he enjoyed as a way to work on his culinary skills while also interacting regularly with the residents. This worked well for him as good food and people are two of his passions. In 2015 Alan began working as a House Manager and spent extended time in that role at both Hamer Court and Romana. In May 2017 he started a new role as the Tenancy Manager - the primary requirement of his role is to ensure that each house is filled with suitable people and that their tenancies are maintained. Alan works closely with the on-site House Managers to assist the residents in sustainable, successful tenancies and to achieve the best outcomes. He is also completing a degree in Social Work which directly complements the work he does in supporting and guiding potential and current residents. Another passion of his is coffee. From the beans to the water to the milk, his approach to this beverage is scientific!

Nicole Hepworth


Nicole is the Bookkeeper and Administrator at Servants. She keeps track of all the money that comes in and goes out, writes reports, keeps records up-to-date and provides administrative support to her colleagues. She started this role in 2013. Her ties to Servants began in 2007, however, when she worked as a cook at Carrical and enjoyed making connections with the residents. Nicole completed an Arts degree in 2006, a Bachelor of Ministry in 2013 and a Certificate 4 in Bookkeeping in 2016. She loves working for Servants and is passionate about supporting people with mental illness. Cooking is a favourite pastime for Nicole, with cheesecakes being her specialty. She loves tea and drinks large quantities of it.