What is it like living at Servants?

When you are a resident at Servants, you have the opportunity to experience stability and comfort in your home. You will live alongside other people, some with stories similar to yours and some very different.

House Managers live on site to provide you with support and nurture a respectful, harmonious house community.

In communal spaces such as courtyard, dining rooms and lounge rooms you will often find people reading the paper, chatting, listening to music (perhaps even playing some!), watching TV or enjoying the fresh air.

But who better to tell you about what it’s like living at Servants than residents!

Oona’s story

...when she arrived in Melbourne, her husband no longer wanted to reconcile and Oona was left without a home. For months she moved from bed and breakfast to house-sitting to boarding with friends. In the process she reconnected with her faith and church, but the stress of housing instability and her fragile health left her at the end of herself.

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Wayne’s Story

Since being with Servants I have been given the opportunity to live in a safe and secure home where I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next. Servants has been a lot different to other places I have lived at. For one, we get food and bills included in our rent. Another difference is the people at Carrical. They are more like a family than house mates. Residents actually care for one another and want to see the best for each other and show consideration...

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