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for people at risk of homelessness

Tackling big barriers to hope and opportunity.

We’ve launched a fresh new brand of home-made honey and organic juice! We’re using it to tackle loneliness, support good mental health, and build skills towards employment for social housing residents.

Available online and from select local suppliers, you can buy yours today!

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end homelessness.

Join the growing community of monthly donors helping end homelessness in Melbourne.

We provide safe, affordable community housing in Melbourne’s inner-east.

Community housing supports people on low incomes and those at risk of homelessness. If you or someone you know are struggling to find long term accommodation, you may be eligible.

Servants homes are safe communities with private rooms and live-in house managers. Our residents are treated with respect and dignity, and provided hope and opportunity to flourish.

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Meet our community award recipients for 2023! And, check the photos from this year’s January Jazz.

“So many people feel helpless about homelessness. But we don’t have to be. There are easy and powerful ways we can band together and make a difference.”

“In the process of caring for the bees, you realise someone relies on you. You’re needed. Perhaps for the first time, you know you have something to offer.”

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