Introducing: ‘The Neighbourhood’!

In the face of Victoria’s homelessness crisis, Servants launches a new community of monthly givers committed to helping end homelessness. 

A community of Great Neighbours making a difference beyond their means.

Solving homelessness isn’t getting easier. It’s a complex issue with many causes, and a lot of confusion. People want to help – but often don’t know how, and are left feeling helpless while too many Australians battle against a lack of safe and affordable housing.

That’s how members of our community were feeling – helpless. 

Because when it comes to solving homelessness, Servants has a unique solution – but not everyone has the time or resources to give land, regularly volunteer, or join the team as a live-in house manager. And yet, we remain convinced that every person has a unique gift to offer when it comes to ending homelessness in Melbourne.

That’s why we’re launching The Neighbourhood: an opportunity to live a more meaningful and connected life, and make a difference to support your neighbours at risk of homelessness. 

So – what is The Neighbourhood?

So glad you asked.

The Neighbourhood is the name we’ve given to our growing community of monthly donors. They’re everyday people, just like you, committed to ending homelessness in Melbourne. No matter how big or small, their monthly gift pools together with others, creating a much larger impact than they ever could alone. We call these donors ‘Great Neighbours’, because in reality they’re giving more than a monthly donation – they’re actively creating a community that treats every person with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Here’s the thing – Great Neighbours care about more than ending homelessness. They care about the individuals and pockets of community that make up their neighbourhood. They desperately want to ensure every person on the street is seen, known and loved. And while they lack the capacity to achieve this on their own, they can do so much more as a team.

And that’s where the power lies. As our community of Great Neighbours band together, each individual’s gift is pooled together and multiplied by their neighbours, seeing more people find safety, compassion and opportunity with Servants.

What do our Great Neighbours get?

When you join The Neighbourhood, you can expect:

  • Good news in your inbox, (but not too often!)
  • Opportunities to connect with others in the community ending homelessness
  • A chance to make a difference bigger than you could alone

How to get involved?

Joining The Neighbourhood is easy! Simply:

  1. Sign up using our secure, online form here.
  2. Get connected, and see your monthly gift support people at risk of homelessness.
  3. Experience passionate community, and see your donation make a difference.

We would love to welcome you!

“The Neighbourhood is a great way to support our community, and to practically help people at risk of homelessness in Melbourne”
– Mad, Servants Business Manager

“The benefit of monthly donations means Servants can plan well, and use its funds wisely to create the biggest impact possible. This way, more people can receive the support they need.”
– Jayden, Servants Communications & Engagement Manager